Yehuda Narkis (IL)

Notorious yehuda Narkis, come and feel the vibe. Originally from Jerusalem but currently located in Tel Aviv, Huda-G started listening to trance & techno music in Goa from around the year 2000. From this time he started playing as a professional DJ mainly at underground parties around Israel. As one of the first DJs in the Israeli scene who played the progressive sound, he was signed in 2002 by Domo Records. At the start of 2007 his music started to change direction strongly towards techno, progressive and minimal grooves and was then signed to Vertikal Records in Germany. In the last 4 years he has become one of the most popular DJs in the Israeli scene known for the ability to play an eclectic sound and integrate with the crowd, a fact that made him play in almost all kinds of productions in front of varied crowds from underground “hat parties” through to big commercial raves festivals and clubs in Israel and around the world (germany,holland,bulgeria,ingland,scotland,central america,swiss,austria,india) Starting to work these days on his first musical project, First Results TBA soon, and in the process of making 2 side projects, one with Lenya Koval from "Assimetric" and the second as "Jelly Fish" with Annarchi .
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