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Bringing his African ethnic roots together with his fine Italian taste, Yaya is surely one of the hottest name in the scene. During these years he melted his own unique sound and he just founded his own label called “Tamango Records”. Yaya grows up in Torino, in the resonant Babylon of his home, where the rhythms of his father’s, singer and leading voice of the ensemble M’bamina, drums prophesied a multi-ethnic Italy. Since his teen age, Yaya approaches with the rhythm performing as a drummer around the city. He landed to Ibiza at the only age of 17 and his vivacity led him to play at several afterhours, being noticed by the entrepreneurs of the white island’s big electronic circus. In 2009, with his countless efforts and dedication, Yaya reaches the ears of the boss himself Loco Dice, releasing on Desolat his big debut EP called “Vecute”. Since then, he started playing around the world alongside Dice, moving between the big meccas of European electronic music: from renowned clubs like Fabric, Watergate, Sankeys and Cocoricò to the biggest festival as BPM, HYTE at Arena Berlin, Sonus and WE ARE FSTVL to name a few. He’s also a regular to extraeuropean trips with several appearances in Miami for WMC, New York City, South America, Thailand, Australia and his native Africa too. In Ibiza he performs at HYTE at Amnesia, Space, Ushuaia (Loco Dice’s Used & Abused), tINI & The Gang, Zoo Project plus numerous crazy after parties. Yaya is also famous for being a very prolific producer, and in these years he constantly developing his sound releasing tracks on vinyl and digital on labels such as Cadenza, Be As One, Kina Music, Etruria Beat, AdMaiora , Earlydub, Monologue, OODOO and many more. In 2016 he took an important step to his career, giving life to his own record label Tamango Records on which he plans to release music from the likes of Cassy, Mike Shannon, Rich NXT, Diego Krause, Ben Rau, Alex Ground, Jamahr and more to come…
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