Xamount (NL)


Buy records, go to raves and listen to pirate radio and rave tapes from London.... In the early 90's, Xamount truly fell in love with UK underground dance music. After having started his Dj career at 17 years old as DJ Flanagan, jungle and dnb were the main ingredients of his sets. Playing clubs and festivals in Holland, the UK and all over the world he eventually went on to win the award for best Dj at the Dutch Drum 'n bass awards in 2002. After playing jungle & dnb for 20 years, in 2014 he started playing as Xamount, experimenting with a musical switch away from dnb, going back to his other love…UK garage.

Over the past few years, Xamount has released multiple singles in the garage spectrum (both digital and vinyl) mixing old school garage with current ukg, house and underground vibes and is a resident dj at Amsterdam’s That Garage Sound night. This year the highly anticipated ‘Lovedust EP’ was released on renowned underground label Puresa records, followed by releases on other labels such as Amigo Dubs and SHAG. Meanwhile, on his TGS brother Flowstate's new label Rain or Shine The 'Garage sound EP' was released as a very limited edition vinyl dub. A big speedgarage track alongside vocals from the legendary MC KIE, which is due to be released digital aswel, right in time for ADE!

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