Xamount (NL)

Xamount can best be described as a UK music addict. Growing up in Holland in the early 90's, it was hard to satisfy his UK vinyl needs so he started traveling to London on a regular basis from a young age to visit record shops like Black Market, Jungle Fever and Pure Groove to buy jungle and garage to keep up to date and form the basis for an extensive collection and knowledge of uk underground dance music. Buy records, go to raves and listen to pirate radio....that's where he truely fell in love with uk underground dance music. After having started his Dj career at seventeen as DJ Flanagan, jungle and dnb were the main ingredients of his sets. Playing clubs and festivals in Holland, the UK and all over the world he kept raising the bar and eventually went on to win the award for best Dj at the Dutch Dnb awards in 2002. After playing dnb for almost 20 years, a few years ago started playing at as Xamount, expirimenting with a musical switch away from dnb, going back to his other love UKG Over the past few years, Xamount has proven to somewhat of a connaisseur, mixing oldschool garage with current uk house and bass music into a massive blend to make any crowd move!
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