William Kiss (AU)

With an obsession for the deep, dark and driving, Melbourne born Producer and DJ William Kiss certainly has a foothold on the ever evolving sound that is Techno. With a decisive focus on percussive elements, rumbling baselines and main floor melodies, William aims to create music that simply turns heads. Stemming from a percussion based background, The complexities and the sometimes understated simplicities of Techno have always struck a chord with him, fascinated by the raw power and emotion that can be conveyed through such basic elements, and the ability for such records to remain “timeless”. Drawing influence from all ends of the musical spectrum, William intends to stay rhythmically true to himself by constantly experimenting, evolving and never becoming too comfortable, all while maintaining the relentless passion and drive to create. With a slew of forthcoming releases both local and International, he’s certainly one to watch.
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