Vonda7 (PL)

‘VONDA7’s trippy, hypnotic breed of techno is firmly rooted in Detroit and pays homage to the genre’s birthplace by reimagining the sounds of the past without losing sight of their origin.’ (DJ Mag USA) VONDA7 landed in Berlin following a wavy voyage down from planet techno many BPMs ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like what can only be described as a seriously slick musical baptism. Her talent in the studio, vast record collection and innate ability to shake up the driest of crowds with her diverse eclectic sets is leading to international acclaim. Her prolific debut on Last Night On Earth, ‘Decompression’, has acquired some serious heat from BPM to Miami, as well as remixing various artists has assisted in marking her turf on the techno circuit. ‘VONDA7 is part of a new wave of electronic creation.’ (Clash) In a previous life, she earned her stripes interviewing DJs & producers, and shooting videos from the parties in her home town Poznan (PL). Her never-ending bond with electronic music led her straight to the front doors of the very prestigious SAE in Amsterdam, which in turn kicked off a new chapter for her within house & techno. She loves her analogue setup and combines it with digital technologies. She was a winner of a worldwide DJ/Producer competition held by Burn & W Hotels in 2013. ‘A producer who accomplishes that weird postmodern trick of making music that is so rooted in a specific time and place it induces sensory throwback for events you weren’t even around for. As it turns out, this is good solid techno one can imagine from many halcyon nights of yore, yet it also sounds so current.’ (Decoded Magazine) Alien, worldly, real, imaginary, religious or atheist one thing is for certain – her dancefloor is your church and her productions are your prayers. Come, pray and get down with VONDA7.
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