Vive La Fête (BE)

In 2002, the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld meets the couple and is charmed by their music and their looks. This gives green light to the international adventure of Vive la Fête: fashion shows of Chanel in Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan and Paris, the posh Bal de la Rose in Monaco and the face of Chilli Beans in Brazil. Still in 2012 Danny (guitar) and Els (vocals) are travelling around the world in the company of Roel Van Espen (keyboards), Ben Brunin (bass) and Gino Geudens (drums). The solid live-fame of the band is taking the five-headed cast to festivals and catwalks at home and abroad: from Sweden to Tenerife, from Russia to Colombia, from Lowlands to Roskilde… Produit de Belgique is the 7th full cd of Vive la Fête. It’s a group album with songs worked out by all the members of the band. This way Produit de Belgique has developed into a record that represents very well the typical live-sound of the group.
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