Vessbroz (NL)


Two brothers based in the Netherlands, left Persia to persue their dreams in making dance music. And whatever they do, they do it good!

Meet Armia and Arsham, better known as Vessbroz. An electronic DJ/producer duo whose catalogue and fanbase speaks for itself. Starting off their musical career in Malaysia, they worked themselves up to become an American Billboard Top 40 artist with their debut album releasing under Sony Music which made them conquer Asia.

Residing in The Netherlands since 2019, the brothers have since then taken the dance scene by storm! Releasing on the AAA-segment record labels including among others Spinnin ' Records, Revealed Recordings, Smash The House and Warner Music.

Not only with music but also with content creation they are extraordinarily active. Going live with a DJ set on TikTok every night, resulting an audience up to 80 000 unique viewers worldwide per set and a solid placement in the weekly charts of top livestreamers on TikTok.

With over 365,000 followers and 5.5 million likes, you can't be on TikTok in the Netherlands and haven’t seen Vessbroz yet!

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