Valdez (DO)

Dj Valdez aka Anewdi Valentin Valdez Morel was born in La Vega, Dominican Republic, 13 th april 1989, he moved to italy when he was a child and he fell in love with the italian music specially the 80’s sound. He started to work as a dj when he was 18, in local clubs in Pordenone, in fast time he’ d been playing in a larger area. As a producer his first release come in 2013, and in 2014 he started working with several national and international labels. In 2014 he divided his producer carear in two diferent ways, A. Morel for tech, deep, funky and classic house and Dj Valdez for pop, electro and progressive music. In june 2014 he won the “your remix” contest by Time Records with his sunset remix of the track The bomb by Love Connection. His dj sets are never the same thing and he can play different styles of music in agreement with the event style, from new edm hits in a club to quality house sound in a aperitif.
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