Urulu (GB)

"Screaming divas, ethereal pads, and the smooth rush of TR-909 hi hats - '90s nostalgia is back full-bore, and with it an entirely new wave of retro-futuristic house music. At the forefront is Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Taylor Freels, aka Urulu. A fresh face on the scene, he specializes in an unabashedly nostalgic sound that creatively appropriates aspects of East Coast luminaries like Masters at Work and Kerri Chandler, while staying true to the computer-driven aesthetic of the present. What hasn't changed is the music's sense of intense euphoria, something that can be heard in recent single "1991," as well as his DJ sets."- SF WEEKLY Growing up with a somewhat “unconventional” musical background in his parental influences than most uber-cool house producers these days would admit (Mom being a soft rock fan and Dad blaring out the WWE theme tunes), Urulu somehow happened upon kindred spirits offering a sound alien to his own influences in the form of electronic music producers, an insatiable fascination from an early age which he confesses still holds the same childlike allure and intrigue now as it did back then.
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