Unit 7 (GB)

Unit7 are London based producers Mark and Luke. Their sound throws metallic house and techno beats up against warm and deep melodic textures and soulful vocal washes to create a strong musical vision where futurism and nostalgia vie for dominance. The result is spine tingling dance floor alchemy. Their WRHSmusic imprint represents everything they stand for, tunes that bring people together wherever in an environment with cause to forget the outside world for those early hours and move to a beat... until they cant move anymore. Mark and Luke have lived the UK music scene from a young age, and the name Unit7 came from a warehouse space they discovered in the first year of university. They have latched their allegiance to the thing they love most; music made for warehouses. It’s a vision that pushes the boundaries without restrictive pigeonholes, whilst giving a respectful nod to the foundations of the entire electronic music scene. “Their label WRHSmusic is uncompromising – it takes the electronic music back to first principles – the Warehouse vibe and aesthetic. We aren’t old or lucky enough to remember the original Warehouse raves, but we feel a deep nostalgia for that time like some sort of shared memory or dream. WRHSmusic is us closing our eyes and trying to recreate that idea now with the ways things are in this era. It allows us to release music, programme parties and curate performances that all have this strong vision about them.” Upcoming releases share this outlook. Each forthcoming track is crafted for the dancefloor, drawing on their favourite elements of electronic music past and present with remixers that support this ethic. A Unit7 performance is a pledge of allegiance to this simple mantra. Long live the beat, the good times and the WRHSmusic.
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