Trian Kayhatu (NL)

Although Trian Kayhatu is a veteran in producing music he is a well kept secret for the general public. Releasing under different monikers like Chukimai, TK Music and Trian Kayhatu, he has been active ever since the MP3.com era. He has been dropping tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud for some years now. His body of work has included compositions which graced the fashion shows of L'Oreal and Issey Miyake, product presentations for Subaru, commercials, film and documentaries. TK’s music got massive exposure through the L.A.-based label Soulection, and got played by the acclaimed DJ Giles Peterson on BBC Radio, and was recently featured on 22tracks, the Canadian label Beats For Change and the Australian radioshow of DJ Ennio Styles, to name a few. Recently he did some official remixes for Julien Mier's release Jane's Junkyard and Tiny Dragons - In My Life release. He's currently working on a beats EP (for Lowriders Recordings) and a more abstract album.
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