Track Addicts (NL)

They are addicted to the process of making tracks. It sure works: The Last Poets have been seen dancing to their live sound, the 24/7 Spyz from New York asked for a collabo on their new album, Both coming from Haarlem, Holland, 12 miles from Amsterdam, lyricist Ten had his own Funk outfit called Gotcha, was seen by- and invited to join George Clinton's P-Funk Allstars on tour through the US, doing backing vocals and solo features and sharing the tour bus with the likes of Michael 'Clip' Payne, Belita Woods, Gary Shider, Amp Fiddler,Cordell'Boogie"Mosson.... Zwazi is the more introverted composer/ bassplayer, who'd started on trumpet at age 11 and, when reaching 16, grabbed a bass and got on a quest to combine all he learned from big band horn melodies, marching percussion, Funk basslines, into the music he'd always wanted to buy, but didn't seem to exist yet. The band format grew together with the studio efforts, the best stuff always happens live.
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