Tommy Crawford (GB)


Tommy Crawford is a Poet, Shamanic Storyteller, and Co-Founder and Creative Director of the international mischief-making organisation, Dancing Fox. He previously worked as Creative Director at Greenpeace International, where he led a ragtag collective of artists and activists on a mission to uncover and embody Greenpeace's organisational story (something never attempted in its 40 year history). The Story went on to become the Keystone of the organisation's global 10 year strategy — helping to shift Greenpeace's approach from being "problem-led" to "narrative-led". Since setting up Dancing Fox with Brian Fitgerarld in 2016, Tommy has curated and led workshops all over the world with groups as diverse as Amnesty International, ActionAid, WWF and World Animal Protection. A culture-hacker, fountain of wild ideas, and described as "Tinkerbell" by diaTribe Foundation's CEO Jim Carroll for "sprinkling magical fairy dust wherever he goes", Tommy is passionate about developing bold and brilliant campaigns that bring people together around a shared vision. Since he was a little kid he's always been a big believer in magic, especially the type that can transform the seemingly "impossible" into something so irresistible that it becomes inevitable.

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