Timerolers (NL)

And there was light or shall we say a new formation ‘Timerolers’. Sometimes there is a special reason when people met each other. We don’t know why, but these guys where at the right place and the right moment. It was on a Thursday in a record shop (Rhythm Import), March (2005), Rowdy decided to make a little talk with Tommy’s and there it was, music, friendship, fun and magic! Tommy’s dj adventure began in his hometown (year 1998) where he started to perform at some local bars. In this same period Rowdy was playing and touring with DJ Jean. A few years later Tommy was spinning in the biggest and hottest clubs as Tommy the Sound/ Essential Groovers and Rowdy (Rico Favella) was touring national and international in a lot of countries like Germany, the UK, Spain, Turkey, Polen, Austria and so on! On May the 1st , 2018 Tommy and Rowdy combined their forces and decided to work together as ‘Timerolers’. Both guys were born in Utrecht, The Netherlands and they share the same love, play and produce house music! Productions Timerolers will be working in the studio on a lot of music and collaborations. Curious? If you mixed up these two guys together you get a special formula. The recipe of their house productions contains melodic lines, elegant grooves and of course banging, pumping and uplifting beats!
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