TheKoosy (NL)


Born (1976) and raised in The Netherlands, Erik Jan van Zanten learned about electronic music and the art of DJ-ing in the late eighties and begin nineties. His passion for this type of music began with the early house genres like: Detroit house, Chicago house, ACID house, Euro house, Hardcore, Tech house, Deep house and off course his favorite Techno. In the early 90s TheKoosy mainly played Techno and Dutch Hardcore and did several performances on vinyl under his previous alias "DJ EJ Ugel". In the late nineties EJ changed his name to "TheKoosy" (pronounced as TheKoasy). TheKoosy is a Techno DJ who loves to use tracks with the old rave and acid sounds, he has started producing and is using these (as he calls them dirty) sounds in his tracks. With his high energy tracks TheKoosy knows how to get every person on the dance floor in a state of pounding trance. As he mainly is a Techno artist, TheKoosy's sometimes performs with other genres like "Progressive House", "Melodic house & Techno" and "Deep House", all with a little bit of dirtiness wherein you recognize his own style.

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