The Scratch Session (NL)

5 Djs 6 turntables 2 Mpc's and loads of scratches with guest musicians and rappers. Orignally started by Turtablists Shadowface and Rasmatal . Dj's would meet up in a basement and show there skills, The crew realized the vibe was fresh and instead of practicing locked down sets and routines they would freestyle the sessions. The Style is concentrated on Hip Hop classics and instrumentals leading to each DJ showing there skills and adding samples sounds beats and scratches over the rhythms expect some layered fresh Hip hop intelligence. With show cases of live productions on 2x Mpc's with guest trumpet player and rappers. Turntablists: Dj Shadowface responsible for the Show Your Skills movement in Amsterdam and Zandam. Show your Skills is a platform for Hip Hop and Graffiti in Amsterdam focused on urban style Hip Hop music. Dj Rasmatal: Part of the Show your Skills crew scratch DJ and producer Dj Chunky: making the main sections of the mix for the session up beat hip hop classics and under ground gems. DJ DateOne: Producer and Dj creating UK Hiphop in Amsterdam with his new ep from the Grim Pikinz Crew give this one a listen and get a fresh taste of top class production scratches and great sampling skills with rapper Kinzilla Dj Force10 (Alias /Ragtime): Dj Producer and Turntablist from the Free party scene. He is bassed at ADM squat in Amsterdam and colaberats with lots of musicians from Amsterdams squat scene his style is focused on Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep andElectronica all mixes and scratches using vinyl records "keep it real crew"
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