The Hard Way (NL)

Limewax, has proven his talent and originality in the drum and bass field for years, being one of the front runners of the new heavy drum and bass sound, touring the globe during the last decade, and originator of skullstep, relentless and ruthless in his productions. A well known producer to many in his genre, having several classic tunes to his name, and is respected by all the major producers in the scene. Bong-Ra has been a pioneer in the breakcore genre for over a decade. His uncompromising style has shattered many soundsystems over the world and has long claimed his merits in the electronic music world. Getting regular play by the late BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, who was a big fan, releasing a Peel Session back in 2001. Thrasher is the head honcho of the ever rising PRSPCT Recordings, the worlds leading label in hardcore drum and bass music, expanding boundaries of heaviness within every release. His uncompromising DJ sets have given him a hardcore status over the past years, playing the biggest European cities and festivals.
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