Tatie Dee (FR)


Everything began for Tatie Dee at the age of 6 at the Conservatory where she learned the violin. As a
student, Tatie Dee developed a strong taste for House music, and started to grow her vinyl collection with
the classics that will influence her future productions: Ron Trent, Chez Damier, Kerri Chandler, Boo
Williams and Glenn Underground. But the real starting point will perhaps be her stay in Chile, during
which Tatie Dee makes her first solo DJ sets. A trip that will make her artistic impulse more and more
inseparable from her commitments.

On her return to France, she bought her first machines, started producing, and in parallel founded the
collective Tout Feu Tout Femme, to highlight the female musicians of the Lille area. Militant effervescence
and prolific creation feed each other. Her sounds colored by acid house, italo dream and garage, which
were released by Chineurs de House, DJs For Climate Action, Dürüm Records or Mamie's, finally hit the
bull's eye with the label Friendsome Records which signed her in September 2021.

Mixing on vinyl to find the authenticity of the origins, from Chicago to New York via Manchester, Tatie Dee
has already proven herself in DJ sets at the Rex Club, Sucre, Badaboum, Club 21 (Florence), Koko
(London) or Zenner (Berlin). She is already part of the continuity and the recent renewal of a house music
scene known for its vitality and a sense of party.

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