Supergroover (NL)

1 an enjoyable or exciting experience 2 an excellent musician and dj who entertains dance floors around the world Supergroover is a friendly fictional character from Amsterdam who lives of dusty dance floors. He has several tricks and projects up his sleeve to make the dance floor a dusty mass of people. It is impossible not to go nuts when he has you under his spell. Supergroover has been spotted for the first time in 2002, somewhere in the fields of the north of The Netherlands, but his existence remained a mystery ever since. Afterwards, his image has been spotted by fanatics all over the world, but could have only been confirmed by psychotic hippies and redneck bus drivers in the surroundings of Mexico and Germany (were he has been seen at Fullmoon & Fusion Festivals and more). Other wild tales go around in the likes of Guatemala, Bolivia, Belgium and Sweden. So it has been told that his image moves dance floors around the world. Project #1, purposefully called 'Supergroover' is used to denominate his home-brewed 'active progressive psytrance' bordering full on. Think weird noises, lush atmospheric sounds and pumping rhythms laced with acid drenched melodies at around 137 bpm. Across the music you can hear funny samples, odd sounds and a general sense of unseriousness. Actually you could almost say it oozes a sense of humour. His 'Nozem' project focuses more on techno influenced music, which means lower bpms and a more minimal approach to arrangement. Still groovy and psychedelic, but a bit more relaxed. As a dj he is as versatile as needed (within traditional realms of psychedelia), but will refuse requests that don't go accompanied by $20 bills. So he plays anything from 128 to 140 kbps uh bpm, psychedelic techno to psytrance, but mostly active progressive in the same style that he produces.
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