Stickyfingers (NL)

“sticky fingers”. That’s because these two energetic youngsters have a tendency to steal every show they play. Nick and Glenn started Dj’ing under the name STICKYFINGERS back in 2009. Since then they have been playing on several parties and festivals and not to forget their debut mini-tour through Indonesia. Sharing stages with other Dj’s and live-acts like Mightyfools, NT89, TWR72, Nobody Beats The Drum, Boemklatsch, Dem Slackers, Larry Tee, Skitzofrenix, Henzel and Disco Nova, Wannabe a star and many more. STICKYFINGERS is known for their active and vivid stage performances, as they like to party as hard as the crowd does. They have a particular taste when it comes to the electronic sound the brothers are so passionate about. This particular taste always results in surprising and refreshing sets full of musical outbursts and climaxing crowds! With their monthly Get Stuck podcast they want to show their musical point of view to the masses and share their addiction. The way these two partners in crime sense each other on stage seems 100% natural because they always deliver what they guarantee: a journey through the world of bombastic house, electro and future techno.
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