Steffen Bennemann (DE)

DJ and producer from Leipzig, Germany. Co-founder of record label Holger and curator of festivals Nachtdigital & Nachtiville. Music is a heart thing and being well aware of this, Steffen Bennemann is directing his acoustic pinpricks directly to the point where it hurts: Deep in your soul. Ranging from subtle to rather direct, emotions are at the core of Steffen’s music. The trippyness of his sets does not evolve from the hour-long manipulation of a single bass drum sound, but from the everlasting up and down of an inward journey instead, moving body and soul alike. Tears of pain versus tears of joy and happiness – it is this narrow zone of transition that Mr. Bennemann devotes his research to. In doing so, House music serves his goals as well as Techno or Dub. While many artists pretending to offer a versatile musical spectrum fall short of their claims on stage, versatility is the basis of Mr. Bennemann’s work. Cheerfully winking at the self-appointed style police, Steffen drops another record, looking to surprise you once more.
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