In the electronic music scene, it’s often hard to decipher the fact from fiction. Phrases like “innovative”, “cutting edge” or “next big thing” are often thrown around without much weight and more often than not, the hype often exceeds people’s ability to deliver where it counts the most: the dance floor. But if you look at the career of rising star SQL, you’d see that any of those words and many more apply, without any unjustified hype. At just 22-years-old, Pim Van Horssen has seen more success come his way than many will in a lifetime, with a list of releases as long as your arm as well as gigs in all corners of the globe, from the massive Universo Paralello in Brazil, the clubs in New Dehli and everything in between. And while success is nothing new to Pim, 2009 is the year his talent came to the fore, with his smash hit Distorted Reality finding its way onto the playlists of the who’s who of the minimal world, including Richie Hawtin, Marco carola and eventually right to the way to No.1 on the Beatport charts. Blending cutting edge minimal, techno and house with fat production, hypnotic grooves and unique view to the future of dance music, the sounds from the SQL studios are now in demand by imprints from throughout the globe, including SK Supreme, Traum, Tribal Vision, Open Records and more. With international tours on the cards, a stunning live show and heaps more freshness on the way, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this young star of dance music has a very bright future indeed. Stayed tuned!
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