Spanker (NL)

Tevin Irvin Plaate(1990), alias Spanker, is a young platinum winning producer from Amsterdam whose work is noticed and recognized by some major succes over the last years. From no-nonsense hip-hop lovers to screaming teenage girls; he is the man behind Hollands biggest hits from the passed few years like the Dutch hit ‘Misschein Wel He’ in collaboration with Cho and produced a lot of hit songs for major Dutch artists in the like of The Partsysquad, Yellow Claw, Jayh and Hollands biggest boyband B-brave. Also on international scale Spanker is starting to leave footprints as he has also part in the worldwide hit 'Slow Down' in collaboration with DJ Snake & Yellow Claw, which was released on Diplo’s Mad Decent. As if this isn't enough, Spanker nowadays is busy with projects including the female superstar singer M.I.A. and the female Korean singer CL who got recently signed by the management of Justin Bieber; Scooter Braun himself.
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