Soulplane (NL)

After all those years Soulplane are without doubt still the hottest vocal house sensation of the Netherlands. It`s a real happiness of 'Soulful Vocal House' and all of this is down by two vastly experienced artists who raise the roof every time with their enthusiasm. Perhaps the differences between both artists makes such a successful collaboration - the dynamic DJ Wolffman versus the vocal house sensation Irma Derby. But that`s when the magic occurs - the duo form an inspirational team and push each other to the next level. It is a dynamic, musical freedom, each challenging the other to top the next track! Before teaming up, Wolffman and Irma Derby had already some big world wide succes. Wolffman's success story as a DJ/Producer began in the early 90s, and he has never looked back, quickly gaining a reputation that makes him inextricably linked with dance music. Studio-wise Wolffman has proved himself too, with top 40 hit productions for himself and artists like, Ross en Iba, Snoop Dogg, Timati, Rockwellers, Romanthony ( Daft Punk ), Kevin Lyttle, Pitbull,Fatman Scoop, Victor Simonelli etc. Irma Derby is unquestionably Holland`s most popular house vocalist, consistently delivering pure uncompromising soulful dance vocals with world wide hits for Plastic Funk, “Ready or Not” (The Course), 'Big Fun' (Central Seven). New hot material of Soulplane is coming up at the Amsterdam Dance Event.
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