Soukie & Windish (DE)

Soukie & Windish are true party princes within the Berlin Rave Society. They have gained this royal position by continuously pulling out musical gems and never forgetting what it’s like to be glued to a dance-floor. Growing out of the cities fertile soils since the magical years, they have spun musical webs for the Bachstelzten Collective, Garbicz Festival, Fusion Festival, Kater Blau and Salon zur Wilden Renate to name a few, while their label ‘URSL Records’ has helped to drive the movement forward with its selection of artists and releases. When not playing live or back to back DJ sets, they go on solo trips as Nayan Soukie & Fritz Windish — working crowds at the peak of the night through to the madness of the after-hour party with deep techno moods to funked-up disco grooves. Soukie & Windish are Right Now and Beyond. Since establishing their own sound; with its driving deepness and catchy riffs, it didn't take long for their studio efforts to be remixed and supported by artists such as HOSH, Ada and Kalabrese while releasing on labels including Liebe*Detail, Audiomatique and Connaisseur. In 2013, the pairs debut album ‘A Forest’ marked the stylish entry of their young label ‘URSL’ and presented their most mature work to date — encapsulating the duos musical arc and sending them on a triumphant run of gigs everywhere from Scandinavia to the South Pacific. With its atmospheric disco-dub set inside deep house that could make a mover out of anyone, the people were taken — left, right and centre. And this is what they do. Every weekend, somewhere you want to be, you'll find them making musical playgrounds out of nowhere like magic.
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