Sophie Bruin (NL)


Sophie Bruin, born in 1998, cherishes the memories of her childhood when techno and
house music would fill her living room and car rides. These moments provided her with a
sense of empowerment as a little girl, fueled by the heavy beats and grooves of the music.
As a result she started playing on a set in the basement of her home at sixteen. Today she
performs at various events and venues such as ADE, Club Atelier, Club BASIS, Tuinfeest,
Nachtcollege, Sneeuwbal Festival, and this summer at Mystic Garden.

She delivers intense kicks and grooves that have a powerful impact on the listener, sending
waves of adrenaline surging through the body. With each beat, the senses are being
awakened, heightening the listener's awareness and preparing them for action. The wild and
crazy melodies, energy, and atmosphere of the music create a sense of both excitement and
unease, tapping into the listener's intuition and strengthening it. In this way, Sophie's music
transcends the boundaries of the physical and emotional, creating an immersive experience
that connects with the listener on a primal level and leaves a lasting impression that endures
long after the music has ended. Together with the energy of the public it becomes a unique

Each time she plays, she creates a new chapter in this tale, adding to the story of a young
girl whose love for house and techno became a passion that ignited the hearts of all who
heard her play.

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