Sons Of Hidden (CO)


Sons Of Hidden Live
SOH represents in concept the law of correspondence, projecting its roots in the alchemy of sound. A LIVE with cinematographic nuances from the textures, the ambient and the sound design. Its base is Techno coexisting in an erosion of genres such as Hardgroove, New Wave, EBM, Industrial & Jungle, creating polyrhythmic progressions emerging from GLITCH, Dark-Jazz, Bebop, Hard bop, Hip Hop or Drum N Bass, thus forming a resonance of testimony and fiction.
The message is to heal and evolve from the inside and project physical expression in dance or body expression.
Sons Of Hidden is a musical project that is made up of the artists: Juan Ocampo AKA Durcheinander and Sergio Ospina AKA Serge André. After more than a decade of experience as DJs and electronic music producers, in 2016 they decided to come together and found this project as a duo in Live Act & Performance format.
Behind Us, The Voice of Silence and Emissaries of Eva are the tours with which Sons Of Hidden has toured different main cities in Latin America, presenting their Live Act together with artists with great experience such as Perc, Par Grindvik, Remco Beekwilder, Zadig, Mathew Johnson, Cleric, AnD, Somewhen, Stef Mendesidis, Ancient Methods, among others. As producers, SOH has released Vinyl, CD, Cassette & Digital formats on labels such as Emerald (Holland), COUP (Germany), Suara (Spain), Planet X (Iceland), Illegal Alien (Mexico), Gomboc (Argentina) WarinD Records (Italy).
They have just founded their label 'Mammboh Rhythms' with 12” vinyl releases featuring modern hard groove artists like Alarico, Zisko & Vil.

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