Snej (BE)


Pierre Chenut, known as Snej, is born in 1993. He is a talented DJ evolving in the minimal electronic music style. He already appeared in several clubs in Brussels such as the K-NAL, Barrio Cafe, ZODIAK and La Cabane, where he established his base, thanks to the Orbeat evenings, a concept launched by Orphéon Records and Beatronic. As a result of this evolution, he decided to make music his priority. The year 2019 was a real game changer for him, as he had the opportunity to rub shoulders with other DJs based in Brussels in the field of minimal. But he also had the opportunity to play alongside European artists such as Federico Molinari and Michael James. The year 2020 was a decisive year for him, and he also decided to make the decision to launch in the musical production.

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