Simon5 (IT)

If anyone can define himself as a Dj, only very few of them can claim to have achieved the success that Simon5 managed to conquer during his short career. Born in Lentini, Sicily, Simone Sinagra (aka Simon5) is the pioneer of this unique genre that changed forever the way to dare the stage, by combining 3 instruments (elecrtic guitar, drums and electric piano) in a single live performance. Defined by musical critics as " THE LIVE CONCERT DJ ", he won important awards, among them: "BEST YOUNG DJ AWARD 2005", "BEST TALENT AWARD 2009". With performances during WMC Miami and OHM Festival, and more than 800 club shows around the world, Simon5 also featured with many prestigious artists. He released with MOLTO RECORDINGS (Warner Music Italy); BLISS CO. (Label of "I'm blue" and "Move your body" hits by Eiffel 65), and tracks like "Butterfly" featuring Adam Clay; top 100 beatport electro house; "Sweet Melody" and "Robot face", mixing "Gravity" (SUME MUSIC) and "Look up to the sky" (JOYS RECORDS). Future singles and worldwide tour coming soon! The best is yet to come!
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