Sie Medway-Smith (GB)

Artist & Speaker

Sie Medway-Smith is a music producer, mix engineer, musical director and programmer bringing with him two decades of studio skills and production experience. Working across a variety of genres from electronic, pop to film score and sound design, his passion for music and genuine love of sound encompasses all the work he touches. Sie started his music career as ‘tape op’ for Milo Studios in London’s East End at an exciting time when digital crossed over with analogue, new sounds emerged and he was at the forefront of the wave. Working with artists such as Depeche Mode, Björk, Massive Attack and Gang of Four, Sie is regarded as one of the go-to mix engineer/producers for record companies and artists internationally. Sie works independently or as a team member in the making of landmark recordings and productions, in the studio or live. He has also released his own material on various renowned independent and major record labels.

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