Shir Khan (DE)

Label founder, internationally renowed DJ and remixer, jack-of-all-trades, world-traveler and someone very good at spotting hot talent early on all roled into one, Berlin resident Shir Khan might be one the city's hot names. Shir Khan is head honcho at one of electro's most consistent genre-redefining labels: Exploited. As well as putting out stuff for Claptone, Adana Twins, Homework, Joyce Muniz and more, Shir Khan himself is an accomplished DJ and remixer not to mention promoter of his Exploited Label Nights at Watergate Berlin and host for his weekly radioshow on Radio Fritz. Berliner Shir Khan takes his name from The Jungle Book's villainous tiger and the similarities don't end there. Shir Khan proves he's as charming as he is deadly. Don't expect the usual Teutonic techno tones. Instead this is dance music hybridism in all its most glorious, baffling and technicolour forms, and Shir Khan's an expert at making square pegs fit round holes. Electro-House is a crowded field with electric fences to boot. In such a busy genre where innovation is often suffocated by the sheer weight of volume of DJs, slamming club nights and relentless releases, it's rare to be sonically arrested. Shir Khan just did it. This Berliner is an old-school jockey managing to start global trots off the back of his well circulated mix-tapes before he'd ever made a tune. Now though, he has the confidence of many promoters in his hands as his productions rock, his label is fast attracting the best in European producers and his contacts and ability to scoop up talent suggests an engaging individual. Shir Khan is a true aural epicurean, never relying on the tested club bangers but instead always seeking out the unknown tunes, or the freshest remixes. In a city where 85% of the population refers to themselves as “DJ”, Shir Khan is arguably the city’s top dog. Shir Khan is absolutely savage, slick, eclectic, multi genred, music savy and connected.His first compilation "Maximize!" was a destructive mix of blazing modern anthems and fresh innovative talent, featuring big names alongside rising stars. His latest "Exploited"-CD has been described as "engaging, riveting and diverse" and received fantastic media coverage with album of the month in Mixmag and DJ-Mag and was selected as one of the finest compilations of the year 2009 in Data Transmission and Tillate. His remix for Munk's track "La Musica" out on "Gomma" was featured in Karl Lagerfelds first shortmovie "Remember Now", his remix for Malente&Dex's "Habibi" went No.1 in the German Club Charts, his remix for Joyce Muniz's "Party over here" was electro-single of the month in DJ-Mag and his current remix for James Yuill "Crying for Hollywood" out on Moshi Moshi is even liked by the cats from Crosstown Rebels.
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