Sergio Cardoso (BR)

Sergio Cardoso has become one of the most promising representatives of the Brazilian circuit. Owner of Soul DJs Agency, the biggest and most important in Brazil, agent of Top national and international DJs, Sergio has reached the excellence in the art of spinning. He has played with International names as Danny Verde, Pagano, Steven Redant, Ivan Gomez, Chris Cox, Phil Romano, Isaac Escalante, Midnight Society and many others. As a resident DJ at D.LED and Concorde Club, the most famous clubs at the south of Brazil he has established the sound concept and his nights there are considered the best. He also played almost in every Brazilian capital in the best clubs and has been booked to many important party labels as Republika, E*joy, Festa da Lili, X-Demente and London Burning to mention but a few. His sets are influenced by various styles but his style is unique. They are so well constructed that it is hard to find where one mix starts or ends. Holder of an exquisite technique and a precise dance floor sensitivity, Sergio is the reference DJ in Brazil for frequent use of the Pioneer EFX-500 effects processor. He has a great passion for new technologies and has recently migrated to Traktor + two X1 controllers which allow him to open up to 4 channels at the same time simply for the pleasure of building live and totally unexpected versions.
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