Serge (NL)

Artist & Speaker (Founder, Clone Records)

Serge is one of the veterans in the dutch house&techno scene. He started dj'ing in '89 in a local tourist club on the dutch west coast, started his label Clone Records in 1992, and expanded the Clone operation with a physical and online store, Clone distribution and Clone Publishing. Dj'ing and hunting for great tunes is what keeps his passion alive, even after more than 30 years! Always on the look-out for fresh new music and talented producers and pushing things forward, however never forgetting about the roots. Clone Records was one of the first labels having a sub label dedicated to reissuing classic house, techno and electro tracks and paying respect to the innovators. As a dj he effortlessly blends different styles and mixing up genres in his dj sets, often spanning decades of dance music played along unreleased tracks. His love for timeless quality music has always been stronger than the urge to follow trends, and exactly this made Clone Records one of the longest going house/techno/electro labels on this planet.

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