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“Sefa Vlaarkamp, artist name Sefa, is without a doubt the most out-spoken artist of 2018. As soon as the festival season of 2018 kicked-off, Sefa did as well. Wherever his name appeared on the line-up, stages were completely packed. From opening slots to closing the massive BLACK stage at Defqon.1 Festival, the areas weren’t big enough to gather all the fans. Fresh melodies combined with classical influences and up-tempo beats with hard kicks are the best way to describe Sefa‘s unique and catchy sounds. Every single one of his tracks get stuck in your head within a second and won’t get out for days. His first Album "Leven is Lijden" was the official door opener for Sefa and resulted in many more. On this album Sefa combined all the styles of music he loves in his tracks.From collabs with D-Sturb, to creating the official Q-BASE 2018 OST and having the honor to remix an official Project One track – Art of Creation, incidentally his all-time favorite. Sefa knows how to integrate different influences in hard dance, to his own sounds. Another highlight in Sefa’s career is being the first artist, in his type of music genre, to be invited by Headhunterz to host the legendary HARD with STYLE podcast and being the first artist spreading his unique sound on Dutch radio stadion SLAM! Whether you’re a die-hard Hardcore fan, Hardstyle fan, or just a fan of anything related to Hard, Sefa knows how to trigger your inner musical heart.”
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