Sebastian Wilck & Stassy (DE)

Sebastian Wilck was one of these brave 14-year-olds who, still too young to go clubbing, was bitten by the techno bug early on and burned through most of their spending money in record stores. After being bitten by the techno bug, Sebastian Wilck got bitten by an even larger drum and bass bug. Breakbeat science and rewinds squeezed the straight bass drum out of Sebastian’s focus for a while, who in the meantime was hard at work improving his DJ skills. He quickly made his first contacts within the small drum and bass scene in his hometown of Potsdam, and his first sporadic gigs were followed by his first residency at the monthly “Bassflip” sessions at the Waschhaus in Potsdam. Sebastian was busily making a name for himself under the moniker DJ Scamp. Fur a drum and bass kid from Brandenburg like Sebastian, who couldn’t get enough of cascading amen breaks, futuristic sound design, and heavy-hitting sub-bass lines, there was soon a new weekly party that couldn’t be missed: The legendary Hard:Edged parties at the just as legendary WMF club in Berlin. Week for week, the residents and the (mostly British) leaders of the drum and bass scene pushed the subsonic future to its limits – and Sebastian was always right in the thick of it. When the organizers of the Hard:Edged parties opened Watergate, their own club on the banks of the River Spree in Berlin, the center of Sebastian Wilcks life began to move more and more toward Kreuzberg. The regular guest soon became a Hard:Edged resident, and after completing an internship at Watergate, was offered a full-time job shortly afterwards. While Watergate was establishing itself as one of the leading (techno and house) clubs in Berlin (even from an international standpoint), drum and bass, which had not advanced creatively, lost both its drive and its appeal. The Hard:Edged parties were gradually scaled back. Initially twice a month, then monthly, and a short time later the parties were discontinued altogether. Techno began to once again take over Sebastian’s focus. Minimal techno to be exact. Or, as it was abbreviated a short time later, minimal. In 2005, Sebastian, who from this point began to DJ under his real name, started his own party series in Watergate called “Junges Blut” (“Young Blood”). His computer always in tow, he started to spend increasingly larger amounts of spare time creating his own tracks. In 2006, Sebastian’s first EP “Für den Garten” (“For the Yard”), which was produced together with Fabian Kock, was released by Just Recordings (Watergate resident MyMy’s, aka Nick Höppner’s and Lee Jones’, own label) under the project name Kock & Wilck. The release stays true to Sebastian’s passion for modern, minimal techno tracks. Although the duo decided to part ways a short time later, Sebastian continued to remain focused on his work in and around Watergate. In addition to his job as Watergate’s tour booker, Sebastian Wilck is also still one of the club’s residents.
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