Satronica (US)

Satronica began producing music, playing live and DJ’ing in the mid 90’s as part of the Things to Come Crew in NYC. However, he soon found his own style: aggressive and distorted industrial with rage laden vocal elements. Fortunately, he found a home for this sound on Industrial Strength Records and the rest is history… Since going solo as simply Satronica, he has performed at some of the largest events in Canada, The United States, South America, and Europe spinning and performing a brutal mix of dark and deranged selections. These events include parties such as Dominator, Q-Base, Masters of Hardcore, Coloursfest 10th Anniversary, Kinetik Festival, PRSPCT XL 13, and E-Mission. Satronica has releases on labels such as Industrial Strength, Black Monolith, TerrorNoize Industry, Noistorm, Motormouth and Apocalypse. His tracks have also appeared on many major hardcore and techno compilations from some of the best known and loved labels in the world such as Industrial Strength, Thunderdome, ACArdipane, Neophyte Records, Rotterdam Records, ID&T, Masters of Hardcore and Traxtorm.
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