Sarah Hildering van Lith (NL)

Speaker (AFEM)

Sarah is co-creator of soon to be launched platform LEDO. Prior to LEDO, she developed an extensive success track record in the music distribution space as well as working closely with record labels and artists. Sarah has worked in marketing and business development in the music industry for over ten years, maximising market share and exposure of music catalogues, tapping into new markets and diversifying in established markets. She has built strong relationships within the music industry and is well known and respected throughout her integrity, and energy, having represented catalogue of clients from Martin Garrix to Metallica, and Major Lazor and any musical taste in between.

Additionally, Sarah is co-chair of the Association For Electronic Music where she heads up research into diversity and inclusion within the music industry. Sarah is ambassador for the music foundation dance4life who's mission is to fight sexual violence in Africa and India, and educate girls and young women in self-protection and empowerment in oppressive cultures. Academically, Sarah is specialised in corporate psychology.

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