Santos Resiak (AR)

Currently his music is running on Immigrant Records, Gluckskind, Unfoundsound Consistent, Mothership, and Produkt. In early 2009 Argentina's Santos Resiak delivers five tracks of catchy minimal tech-house jammy-jams entitled Miércoles ep. these ditties are light-hearted, jazzy, pleasantly haunting and dj-friendly. ranging from delightful organ riffs to tribal rhythms to dark minimal heady-ness, miércoles ep is a solid collection of clean, frolicsome jaunts each with a steady groove that djs need. Having more than 10.000 downloads on this ep, Santos show’s once again why his sound is so unique and special about. When it comes to live performances, Santos Resiak is one of a kind. Powerful, deep,groovy,fun and edgy are only few ways to describe his unique attitude towards the crowd and his completely disregard when it comes down to what kind of "genres" a live performer should play, Santos is always striving to forward his sound with each new experience garnered – setting high his own benchmarks, who knows what the future will hold.
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