San Salvador (NL)

San Salvador played the flute and later the piano at a young age, and strummed on his father's guitar during elementary school. Mother's tapes with Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson and later on hits like Salt-n-Pepa broadened his musical interests aside reading books and watching movies (Harold Faltermeyer's iconic Axel F theme of Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop). Generic 8-bit NES sounds heralded the digital age with fresh ways to experience and produce music, rearranging and producing tones, melodies and songs digitally. Ferociously, a fascination with FastTracker2, Propellerhead’s Reason and other DAW's evolved inevitably into a creative and inspirational musical journey, e.g. mastering Greg Martini's first mix cd for private distribution and many club nights in the infamous Stalker starring names like Marnix Bal and Tommy Sunshine. San Salvador’s disco upbringing during the 80's/90's progressed into the subsequent rise of hardcore, house and techno, shaping him into the devoted eclectic, electronic music fan he is today. During his student days, San Salvador broadened his understanding of classical music by frequenting plays in the majestic Concertgebouw and jazz jams sessions with music minded friends. Piano, violin and (bass) guitar produced the most mesmerizing solos. Daydreams started to fill with dancing on techno music with a twist of classical composers. Enjoying the Amsterdam metropolitan area's uprising of clubs, festivals and raves (clubs like club 11, club Air, Studio 80, Trouw), electronic ecstasy evolved melodic, minimal Rauwkost into intriguing, industrial Michel de Hey & Secret Cinema sets. Studying Biology and Business Administration proved to be time-consuming in itself aside from his extensive, often exotic musical journey. San Salvador started spinning the decks together with his musical mate Marintimi and fell in love with experimenting with eclectic, intimate marathon sets. By bringing a wide-ranging music collection, comprised of two decades of discoveries, music, he is able to read the dancefloor and command the crowd into one organic, orgasmic, creative collective. His first public performance at Club Lux marked the start of various performances in clubs, private parties, raves and afterhours in and around Amsterdam (in conjunction with the underground 'Horten & Stoten' collective). Recent performances include NDSM Sessions at NDSM Studios with MatthTunes and organizing events with Guerrilla Gigs. Rejoice in your inner rhythm and transcend your heart & soul into loving and sharing sustainably; set yourself free for people, planet, party!
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