Ryan Paris (IT)

Born into a family of artists (his father was a successful painter and sculptor, his grandfather was a lyrical singer), in 1983, Ryan Paris had his break-through, when working with his first producer, Pierluigi Giombini, and achieved worldwide success: his single Dolce Vita sold more than 5 million records worldwide and went straight up to No.1 in all charts. For Dolce Vita, Ryan received 12 gold, 2 silver and 2 platinum records. The BBC London produced a video clip of Dolce Vita in Paris. This huge success made Ryan Paris a most sought after artist and he was invited ta perform in all major European TV-Shows such as Top Of The Pops (United Kingdom), Champs Elysees (France), Popcorn (Italy) and Formel Eins (Germany). Having been one of the major stars in the 80’s, Ryan’s activities and ambitions are far from having come to an end. Besides working on remixes of his biggest hits and producing new songs for himself and other artists, he keeps performing in TV-Shows and on stage all over Europe. 01/07/2016: Doctor Vintage remixed Ryan Paris's classic Dolce Vita with a 2K16 flavor. Videoclip was directed by Gabriel Cash and produced by Paolo Pasquali, shot in Paris and Roma.
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