Ruud Hendriks (NL)

Ruud Hendriks has always been into music. He started his career as a club DJ during the early seventies in Amsterdam and then joined legendary offshore pirate station Radio Caroline as a radio DJ. During the following decades Ruud anchored many Dutch TV programs, co-founded Sky Radio, Radio 10 and TV stations RTL4, RTL5 , Sport7 and Het Gesprek TV. Under his tenure RTL became the market leading TV broadcaster in the Netherlands. He was President of NBC Europe and an executive boardmember of TV-production company Endemol Entertainment. Currently he's a supervisory boardmember at Theodoor Gilissen Bankers and the Frans Hals Museum, and advisory boardmember of BSUR (marketing agency) and tv production company Tuvalu. Ruud is a regular speaker about innovation and media at seminars and hosts two weekly current-affairs talkshows at BNR Newsradio. He also is a co-founder of Startupbootcamp, Europe's leading accelerator. However music always stayed top of mind. At 56 he's can still been seen DJ'ing tech house and techno and he still loves clubbing himself as well. "I've always wondered how long it would take until major brands would realize the huge potential of Dance. Now finally it's all about to happen. I'm really looking forward to this seminar which I consider to be happening precisely at the right moment. I've grown up with soul and disco then moved on the house, tech house and techno and now suddenly I see major corporates literally moving as well." "See you on the dance floor!"
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