Rutger van Rompaey (NL)

Speaker (Buma/Stemra)

Rutger van Rompaey is General Counsel for Buma/Stemra. Together with his legal team Rutger handles a variety of affairs, including in the field of collective music licensing and related matters. For Rutger, working at Buma/Stemra makes a perfect combination of both his dedication to copyright law and – being a passionate guitarist – his affection for music. Prior to joining Buma/Stemra, Rutger worked as an attorney-at-law in private practice, specializing in intellectual property law.

Buma/Stemra represents composers, lyricists and music publishers. The organization provides remuneration for music use on radio, TV, streaming services, venues and in hospitality, retail and business premises, among other things. In addition, Buma/Stemra promotes Dutch copyright both at home and abroad. For example, Dutch composers, lyricists and music publishers are offered an international stage by supporting major events such as Eurosonic Noorderslag and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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