Rude 66 (NL)

Via noise and EBM in the 80's, Rude 66 landed on Bunker Records in 1993 where, with Unit Moebius and I-f, he defined the acid sound of The Hague: lo-fi acid from the sewer. In 1997 Rude 66, bored with corporate techno and empty distorted acid, evolved his style to dark electro funk. A string of EP’s on leading genre labels like Bunker, Vynalogica, Angelmaker, Crème organisation and Viewlexx established Rude’s name as one of the masters of the dark side of electro-wave, pushing his analogue studio to the limits on already classic tracks like Machine, Black Sabbath, My 909, Overkill and his most recent releases The 1000 year storm and As. For the past 15 years, Rude has perfected a sound that employs everything from early 80’s alternative club music to his own dark acid past, from oldskool electro to Italian soundtracks. Rude’s choice of workhorses (mostly vintage analogue synths and drum machines) and recording methods (still using a big mixing desk and analogue reel-to-reel recording) have resulted in an instantly recognizable signature sound: hard, dense but full of detail and groove and still carrying trace elements of the classic sound of The Hague. As a firm believer in only recording tracks when you have something to say, Rude’s output has never been prolific, but each release has hit the scene hard. Rather than just making tracks for the sake of making tracks, Rude’s music has always had an idea behind it, usually working with themes rooted in the darker side of life. Rude’s tracks have been used, abused, charted and compiled by dj’s like Dave Clarke, Andrew Weatherall, The Hacker, Miss kitten, I-f, Sven Vath and countless others, though his tracks are anything but dj-tracks only made to fill mixes. To Rude it’s very important that his tracks can be enjoyed at home as much as on the dance floor. His signature sound has been applied to a number of remixes for other artists. Rude has run the Vynalogica label for the CEM studio in Amsterdam and has his own weekly radio show at I-f’s Cybernetic Broadcasting System internet radio station. Rude is also a member of the 303 Allstars, a live acid collaboration with Cosmic Force, the Acid Junkies, Zero One and Drifter. Rude 66's acclaimed live shows are intense improvisation workouts featuring mostly analogue equipment. They include live vocals by Rude’s wife Shaunna, and are based loosely on the studio tracks. Rude has dragged his equipment all across the world for over 15 years from small squats to big festivals, and knows like no other how to rock a crowd hard. Billed 'the king of the dark electro-wave death race' by slick promoters, Rude likes his tracks to sound like you're on the red carpet pathway to hell. Dancing.
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