Roswitha (NL)

Roswitha's introduction to electronic music took place in Amsterdam during the heyday of the extremely dry minimal. She became fascinated by the endlessly repetitive sounds and loops. Soon she wanted to feel and experience this music herself. Rattling turntables in cozy living rooms were soon exchanged for many underground parties and festivals. The love for the simplicity of a loop versus the endless variety within electronic music remains an ever interesting playing field. The search for the emotion in a track plays a central rol in the choice of records. Or as Roswitha puts it: "Imagine a captured moment of an emotion you felt, like a photograph. You can feel this emotion in the core of a good track. Musical patterns are repetitive so you can take a look at it from different angles. This is why I love techno music. It makes you free to feel your own life and all the beauty in it."
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