Dreams are powerful. From dreams, ideas are born and these do not die. From
ideas, actions are born, and from actions, projects are born. And it was from a great
dream that two brothers and a college friend came together like a magnet, almost by
pure conspiracy of the universe, for a voraciously promising project on the national
From college to the roof of the house, where their ideas converged before they were
put into practice in the studio - hence the name Rooftime, literally translated, "roof
time" - Lisandro Carvalho and the brothers Gabriel and Rodrigo Souza Pinto had
their talent in production recognized even before performing live for the first time.
The trio's first release, in September 2018, was the single “I Will Find” directly by the
giant Dutch label Spinnin ’Records
With an unmistakable sound palette reminiscent of summer breezes, accompanied
by subtle, well-placed vocals, as well as nostalgic melodies and acoustic vibes, "I
Will Find" is the artistic representation of all the emotional force the trio put into their
dream, something that is easily recognized during the beats of the track and that is
being reciprocated right now, by said universe, with surprising results — so far there
are 29 million views in the official clip on YouTube and more than 80 million plays on
“I Will Find” took a year to release and the trio know that success takes time. Even
so, he decided to create at that time a productive ecosystem that flowed into the
early hours, which resulted in the construction of tracks, collaborations and other
news in sufficient numbers to supply years of recurring releases.
With the release of “It's All About” in 2019, the year began with a generous whisper
of the success that Rooftime was about to experience. After a great reception from
the public and critics, the trio got their second release on Spinnin Records, the track
“Live Your Life”. With an increasingly requested schedule, the trio was present and
made memorable presentations in notable clubs and festivals, such as Laroc and
Universo Parallello, in Bahia.
Promisingly starting 2020, the first release of the year was released by the
CONTROVERSIA label, the thrilling “Free My Mind” is an irresistible blend of
acoustic and electronic elements. Underpinned by Rooftime's smooth vocals and
introspective lyrics, it's a versatile track, ideal for both clubs and radio. In less than 1
week after its release, the track reached the impressive 1 million plays mark on
Spotify alone and today supports a total of almost 40 million plays.

The pandemic seems to have barely affected the ambition to pursue their dreams, in
fact it strengthened the three who were able to watch the organic success through
the networks of the tracks "Blind" and "Don't Let It Go", which led the trio to the
impressive brand of 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, ranking among the 10
biggest Brazilian artists in the electronics segment in this regard.
Taking advantage of the quarantine time to express themselves even more deeply
through the melodies of their songs, the trio has prepared a series of new songs for
future shows as well as a performance to represent all this subliminal power that
their compositions can carry.
With sincere songs, loaded, with stories to tell and always playing with the
sensations of the public, Rooftime wants to spread their worldview through their work
to the entire globe. And if it depends on the will power of these three musicians, the
path already seems to be trodden to the so dreamed destination.

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