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Robbie began his young professional career 8 years ago in Belgium. When he started his career, music was only a passion but he discovered that he wanted to give his life for his passion. In 2005 he began to mix for few radios and clubs in Belgium, in the way of his radios shows he received a lot of good feedback and became more and more respected in the music world. 2 years after that, he was asked to play for the Nightlife experience parties at Noxx Antwerp where he shared the decks with artists such as Deadmau5 and John Digweed. At Noxx Antwerp he meets Daniel Munoz, the Noxx Manager. After a few months Daniel and Robbie decide to work together. Untill 2009 Daniel is the official manager of Robbie for Positive Agency. By this time Robbie plays in many clubs in Belgium and The Netherlands and in Summer 2010 he was invited as guest Dj for The Face Of Ibiza Party In Privilege Ibiza. There he realises that his career from that day on will be more international. In the summer of 2011 he began his residency at Privilege Live Ibiza Parties with opening sets for Jamiroquai, Snoop Dogg , Taio Cruz , Rebeka Brown concerts. In Ibiza he also played at Bora Bora, El Ayoun and Ibiza Global Radio. Even with his young professional career he already shared the decks with big artists such as Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, John Digweed, John Dalhbäck, Chuckie, Tom Novy, Funkerman, Redfoo, Sean Paul, Wiz Kalifa and many others. One of the best moments in his career so far was that he played at Fabrik Madrid as support DJ at the concert of LMFAO. For him all those moments are dreams and those artists an inspiration source. Nowadays Robbie also began to work hard on his artist profile by becoming a professional producer. Making daily studio time, working on some very nice collaborations, resulting in tracks that soon will follow to a huge EP release. With his style, moving over from North Europe vibes and South Europe vibes , he puts a different way of clubbing into his music. For Robbie Benson music is his life and life is his music.
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