Riptide (NL)

After the shock-succes of the remix he made of the track 'Amsterdam', Max Bedeker (1984) decided he could do two things: plunge straight into making tracks like this that work well on the dancefloor, or retreat a bit, do the occasional remix/EP and in the meantime work on the real musical statement he's always wanted to make. Obviously, he chose the latter. Now this is all coming to fruition, he's more than ready to show the world what he's been up to. With a truckload of new songs, ranging from dancefloor-disco to blissed out electronic ballads, he's now gearing up for the release of his first album, and a subsequent live tour. Filled with 'real songs', and vocals done by new talent and forgotten Italo Disco legends it's a lot different than most people would expect, which is exactly how he likes it. But then again, you can expect anything from someone whose influences range from Sepultura, via The Libertines and Erol Alkan to I-F's legendary Italo compilations. So there's an album (with a couple of EPs preceding it) coming out, collaborations with some of his favourite artists such as Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine under the moniker Horsepower, Hidden Cat, NT89 (called Max + Nima) and Mike Mago, remixes for renowned producers like Shinichi Osawa & Tommie Sunshine, and in the meantime he's also found the time to get his own label, 'House Of Sound', ready for liftoff.
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