Rick van Dunn (NL)

Speaker (JonathanHendrickx)

Rick van Dunn is co-founder of BUMA Award-nominated production house JonathanHendrickx. This Dutch music production company specialises in music production for various outlets. Alongside advertising and scoring for brands like Samsung, Lionsgate, Google, KLM, Continental, Volkswagen, BMW and Cinemark XD, JonathanHendrickx produces for many of today’s popular pop, rock and dance artists such as Within Temptation, Sefa, Phuture Noize, SubZeroProject, Loren Nine, Dennis van Aarssen and Savine. As the trademark JonathanHendrickx sound is played across the airwaves worldwide from radio, television, online and streaming channels, the company has solidified its global reach through a partnership with Sony Music Publishing. This has secured copyright control and the possibility to help with any copyright related matters. With the recent addition of two brand new control rooms, including a Dolby Atmos certified mix room, Rick can tell you all about immersive audio.

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