Resolman (NL)

Amsterdam based Resolman got inspired by local DJ's in the Amsterdam nightlife at early age. Soon he started DJ'ing at the classic spot De Duivel, where he learned the art of DJ'ing in front of a crowd. While performing, he hooked up with fellow 'Amsterdammer" and DJ/producer Kid Sublime, who showed him the ropes of rocking a sampler. Resolman quickly caught the virus and invested in his own digital equipment, started digging for samples, and thereby widening his musical spectrum. When Kid introduced Resolman to house music, he quickly felt drawn to the warm, deep sounds of the Detroit house scene. He describes his fusion style as B-Boy House, and incorporated this right back into his DJ sets. Check out his debut 12" 'The Weather EP', under his alias J.A.N., on Amsterdam based recordlabel Dopeness Galore!
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