Recondite (DE)

His productions may be charged with the feeling of urban decay and a certain malign outlook, but much of the incubation of Recondite’s pensive style actually happened during time spent in the mountains. It was almost a decade ago that the now Berlin-based artist starting producing music. Spurred on by hearing Superpitcher’s Today CD, he started amassing equipment, turned his mother’s basement into a makeshift studio and began teaching himself how to produce. Initially pitching his demos to Dial, rather than being discouraged when he didn’t hear back, he simply decided to set up his own label instead. The first Plangent release in early 2011 struck such a chord that he immediately become a closely watched artist. More Plangent releases followed, the artist really hitting his stride in 2012 with an artist album for Acid Test and an EP for Hotflush. It was the album that properly established Recondite, his take on acid translated in long form finding its way into many end of year lists and garnering the producer a solid following.
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